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MorphoTrust® Mobile Driver's License (mDL)

A trusted digital credential and the convenience of your mobile phone

Today, we’re more apt to leave our wallets at home than our mobile phones, so MorphoTrust is responding to consumer demand with its Mobile Driver's License (mDL) – a genuine, secure and broadly accepted credential on the device we carry with us 24/7. Just as your physical driver license is more than a photo on a card, the mDL incorporates various visible and invisible security features that are linked and dynamically rendered when the driver license is presented. This assures you of a trusted credential that can be quickly and reliable authenticated by retailers, bankers, or law enforcement officers, for example.

Additionally, the mDL will cut down on the number of office visits you make to your local motor vehicle agency. With the app, users can change their address, update donor or veteran status, and more on their phones. Upgrades and enhancements to the mDL can be downloaded to the phone at any place and time.

The MorphoTrust® mDL was piloted in Iowa in 2016. The test group used a downloadable iOS mobile app that required identity verification before the mDL was rendered on the phone. The app and verification process meet the highest standards for security and protection of personal information. Use of the mDL was entirely optional and the pilot helped us test the product in a wide range of identified use cases. Learn more about the Iowa pilot and when the mDL may be available in your area.

With the MorphoTrust® mDL, you can…

  • Add your driver's license to the list of things you now use on your mobile phone
  • Enjoy added convenience while traveling or purchasing age-restricted products
  • Reduce trips to the motor vehicle agency for tasks like updating your address or becoming an organ donor
  • Gain access to restricted facilities or government services

Digital Identity: Enable Trusted Transactions Whenever and Wherever Identity Matters

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“I think that the digital driver's license doesn't so much solve a problem as it fulfills a need and a desire on the part of the American consumer to have everything that is important to us in electronic form and on the mobile device of our choice. People are more likely to leave their wallet at home these days than their cellphone.”

– Jenny Openshaw, V.P., State & Local Sales, MorphoTrust