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MorphoTrust® eID State Tax Pilots

Empowering Georgia & Alabama Taxpayers to Protect Themselves from State Tax Refund Fraud with an Electronic Identity (eID)


With tax fraud growing at alarming rates, most of us know someone who has been a victim of this new type of fraud or have been a victim yourself. We know you feel powerless to address this risk; and although State Departments of Revenues (DORs) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are implementing new anti-fraud measures aggressively, there only are a few options you have to protect yourself proactively from tax refund fraud.


This use case presents the marketplace with a paradigm of a major financial issue that has strong consumer awareness and the demand for strong Internet authentication solutions that consumers can control.  You need the ability to control your identity online. For this reason, MorphoTrust USA believes the tax refund problem is an ideal use case to demonstrate the power of a high-trust electronic identity (eID).


MorphoTrust has partnered with the Alabama & Georgia Department of Revenues to provide an electronic ID (eID) to mitigate state tax refund fraud with a smartphone, a person's driver's license or state-issued ID card, and their selfie.

Why MorphoTrust

MorphoTrust USA is a trusted government contractor that has been providing identity solutions and services to federal and state agencies for over five decades. Well-known for our innovative advances in motor vehicle agency technology and card design, MorphoTrust also manages the enrollment services for the TSA Pre® program and passport issuance, among other commercial solutions.  

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