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“Trust is necessary to enable the growing web economy and ensure the security of our identities online. Working with our partners, MorphoTrust’s plan is to facilitate this trust, allowing individuals to confidently assert their identity online, and provide relying parties with the assurance that these identities are trustworthy.”

– Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust CEO

Digital Identity: Enable Trusted Transactions Whenever and Wherever Identity Matters

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Enable Trusted Transactions Whenever and Wherever Identity Matters

Our in-person and online worlds continue to change at a rapid rate and are being fueled in part by the capabilities we now enjoy from our mobile devices. As a result, people are demanding to use their smartphones as their primary means of interacting with the world around them. The rising consumer demand, the sophistication of our mobile devices and the escalated threat of identity-related crimes all point to this as a critical point in time for identity.

Today there is not yet a widely available means for people to digitally assert their identities but it is desperately needed. For that reason, MorphoTrust has embarked on an aggressive campaign of research and development to bring identity trust to both domains (online and in-person).

Our identities are who we are and all that we do in some way relates back to it. This next evolution in identity technology needs to solve the critical problems that are currently challenging us all as individuals. MorphoTrust understands what is at stake, what we need and how to deliver it. Our eID and Mobile Driver License solutions are designed with personal privacy, security and interoperability at their core to be sure they are the technologies we can all depend on as our interactions in the online and physical world become more digital.

Identity is ever-changing! You need an innovative partner who can anticipate and navigate you through the uncertain and unclear future of identity. MorphoTrust USA is providing a safe and simple future where you can make your identity claim and no one else can.




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