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Strategic Partnership

Partner initiative with Confirm.io to deliver the next generation of mobile identity solutions

Drawing on the combined strengths of the MorphoTrust/Confirm.io alliance, we will enable delivery of the next generation of identity solutions for new business models Everywhere Identity Matters™. The companies will provide Identity Assurance for evolving markets including the Sharing Economy, Peer-to-Peer, and High-Trust Transactions.

MorphoTrust’s core competencies in biometric identification and document authentication include a world-class multi-modal biometric portfolio, credibility in the most-demanding government identity programs, and credentialing and ID programs encompasses more than 80% of the driver licenses and IDs in the U.S.

Confirm.io’s innovative mobile portfolio enables safer interactions between people and businesses by linking physical ID documents with digital identities through the use of RESTful APIs and mobile SDKs.

The companies are combining efforts to release enterprise-class mobile SDKs and APIs for qualified developers requiring advanced user verification and mobile facial recognition.

Interested in learning more? Want to partner with us? Contact us at 781-215-2555 or inquiry@identixsaas.com.