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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

Training and Services


As a complete, end-to-end solutions provider, MorphoTrust works with you early-on to fully understand your present and future needs, and helps you design the right solution to fit your unique business environment and budget. We bring years of expertise as the leading solution provider to motor vehicle agencies (MVAs), ensuring you benefit from decades of experience as well as the best practices we have learned from other customers in our many successful deployments.

MorphoTrust employs some of the world’s top experts in their fields, including all aspects of security, enrollment services, enterprise systems design, program delivery, and the design and production of highly secure credentials that can be reliably authenticated at points of inspection. These experts offer a range of training programs and consulting services that are available to our customers. Additionally, MorphoTrust has a professional services staff to support any custom requirements as well as ongoing maintenance and support of the solutions deployed. In many cases, you have the option of training your staff or using ours to perform certain functions or manage ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Current training and service offerings include:

  • Fraudulent document recognition training to ensure your staff stays on top of current security features used in today’s driver licenses and IDs as well as trends we are seeing from counterfeiters  
  • Legacy data conversion to ensure an easy transition and movement of your data from old systems with speed and accuracy  
  • Security best practices and threat mitigation consulting taught by highly-skilled security experts, including our Chief Security Officer, Information Security Officer, Physical Security Manager, Security Audits Manager, Export Compliance Officer and Technology Control Officers. This team of advisors provides guidance on security best practices, legal considerations, risk management and compliance. Our experts started the NASPO Standards Program for training new companies and co-authored the current standard (ANSI/NASPO-SA-2012) and IDPV for identity proofing used by all government agencies when enrolling an individual.  
  • Enterprise design services to guide you through major transitions and provide expertise and options as you develop new, enterprise-wide systems for improved service, security and productivity  
  • Professional services to deliver custom projects, as required, and supplement your staffing needs for ongoing system maintenance and onsite support  
  • Installation services to ensure speedy deployments with minimal disruption to your staff and office environments. MorphoTrust offers decades of expertise, delivering large, complex, long-term programs. We have led our customers through many difficult transitions and have never walked away from a commitment.