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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® EZ-Visit


Improve Service and Efficiency  

For many years, getting a driver license or official ID was a simple paper-based process requiring the applicant to provide biographic information and pass a knowledge and skills test. Not any more. Many new requirements have been added to ensure individual identity and secure the driver license issuance process. Too often, applicants aren't aware of the documents needed before visiting their local motor vehicle agency (MVA), resulting in 30 percent "turnaways" on a first visit. The result? Frustrated applicants that must make a second trip—or even a third— to complete their transaction(s).

MorphoTrust EZ-Visit is a web-based portal that gives applicants the information needed to prepare for and initiate their MVA transaction. EZ-Visit is interactive and guides applicants through each step of the process online. It takes just minutes to complete the documents needed before arriving at the office. Using an intuitive, web-based application, customers enter their data at home or location of their choice, print out a receipt, bring it to the office and scan the barcode on the receipt to retrieve their data. This eliminates the need to re-enter data, prevents clerical errors and improves overall efficiency. Successful transactions enhance customer satisfaction and employee morale, while minimizing complaints and return visits. MorphoTrust® Scheduler and office planning tools add to customer convenience and efficient use of staff time.


 EZ Visit

  Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced turnaways and return visits
  • Faster processing via scanned barcode
  • Lower costs/higher productivity
  • Improved applicant satisfaction/employee morale
  • Stringent security provisions
  • Minimal need for IT involvement
  • Added messaging opportunities