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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Central Issuance Production


MorphoTrust Central Issuance credential production ensures maximum security throughout the issuance process. With centralized production of driver licenses and other ID cards (DL/IDs), you have the time needed to fully vet applicants and ensure they have not already obtained a credential under another or even multiple identities. In the case of the U.S. driver license, it is the document we use most often to establish our identity. Given this importance, many state motor vehicle agencies (MVAs) have moved to Central Issuance production to take full advanage of their investment in MorphoTrust Biometric Identification as well as the advanced card materials and security features available through this method of production.

Transitioning to Central Issuance credential production offers additional benefits, including the enhanced service and efficiency gained from not having to take the time to print credentials in the office, maintain printers, and manage inventories of card blanks and consumables. This frees your staff up for other activities, speeding throughput and reducing transaction times.

MorphoTrust introduced Central Issuance production in 1990, and today 25 states have chose to centrally issue their driver licenses and IDs.  We were the very first to achieve NASPO-certification to ensure the most secure facilities and are currently the only company to operate multiple NASPO-certified factories, ensuring redundancy, availability and immediate disaster recovery to keep you up and running. In 2013, MorphoTrust celebrated another industry first when it became the first company in the world to achieve NASPO level 1 certification. The company's Chief Security Officer is a renown expert in all aspects of security and co-authored the NASPO standards that the company adheres to. Our track record for security and compliance is unmatched, as is the volume of credentials we produce successfully through our facilities each year.

Central Issuance

Features & Benefits:

  • First to achieve NASPO certification for secure facilities, and the first in the world to be certified at NASPO Level 1
  • Only company to operate multiple NASPO-certified facilities
  • Enables widest range of card security features
  • Allows time for vetting of individuals and gating DL/ID issuance until cleared by investigators
  • Supports maximum security in the issuance process
  • 100% reconciliation of all cards and materials at every step