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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Exian Credentials


Every credential issuer knows that the most secure end-to-end issuance processes fall short if the card itself does not meet your design, usability, durability and security standards. MorphoTrust Exian products use unique card and feature materials and incorporate a wide range of overt and covert security features to ensure the right solution that balances your budget, functionality and security requirements. Our suite of credentials include:

MorphoTrust ExianBase
  • Ideal entry-point for centrally issued credentials
  • Proven to be highly durable with a rich set of overt, covert and forensic features
  • AAMVA and ISO compliant
  • IDMarc® imperceptible digital watermarks for reliable machine validation
  • Protects against tampering and wear and tear with personal data placed on the card core versus the surface
  • Card is sealed with thick layers of polyester laminate
MorphoTrust ExianEvident
  • Set of security features that meet basic needs for many state motor vehicle agencies; AAMVA and REAL ID compliant, with levels 1, 2 and 3 forensic features
  • Variable UV Ghost images on the back of the card
  • Fixed laser perforation through card core to aid law enforcement to quickly verify authenticity of the credential
MorphoTrust ExianEvident 3D
  • Adds break-through design with “See, Feel, and Machine-validate” security with 3D authentication at an affordable price
  • Unique architecture includes tactile features for validation by touch
  • Overt features to aid with visual inspection
  • IDMarc® covert digital watermark for reliable machine-validation
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident with no adhesives used in card production, thwarts attempts to swap photos or alter data
  • Capable of hosting many linked and layered features
MorphoTrust ExianEvident Laser-Engraved
  • All of the features of other ExianEvident credentials with security features that exceed AAMVA and REAL ID requirements
  • Highly secure full-color UV laminate and laser-engraving features
  • Laser-engraved gray scale ghost portrait
  • Laser-engraved micro-print
  • Laser-engraved tactile date of birth
  • Offering sophisticated personalization that is expensive to produce and very difficult to alter
MorphoTrust ExianEvident Laser-Engraved Plus
  • For those where security is paramount, exceeding AAMVA and REAL ID requirements
  • Most difficult to counterfeit with 3D tactile date of birth over photo
  • Variable knockout around the portrait
  • Full-color UV ghost image
  • Digitally master metalized OVD
  • Advanced, highly innovative features for maximum security to combat counterfeiting and fraud
  • Full-color UV ghost image allows authentication with a black light and presents a 3 color UV image of the card holder to the examiner
MorphoTrust ExianSmart
  • First contactless identification card with 15-year life; highly secure, multi-purpose credential
  • Secure processes and durability make it ideal for international electronic documents, including: driver licenses, national and voter ID cards, and biometric-based entitlement cards
  • Revolutionary fused card architecture made with cutting-edge materials
  • Combines physical security features with latest in electronic cryptography and biometric authentication
  • Tamper-resistant with unique base materials that destroy the card upon attempts to alter
  • Linked and layered features with multiple personalizations
  • Color, tactile and electronic personalization, laser engraving and IDMarc®
  • Personalization occurs in assembly to ensure that blank cards can't be lost or stolen

Driver License Image

Features & Benefits:

  • A suite of offerings with one to meet your needs
  • Overt features to aid with visual inspection
  • IDMarc covert digital watermark for machine-validation
  • Fully compliant with AAMVA and REAL ID standards
  • Sophisticated card architectures to thwart counterfeiting and fraud
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident credentials with no adhesives used in card production (any attempts to break into a card and change it causes it to literally self-destruct – rendering the card completely useless)
  • Made with Teslin® material