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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust Secure Credentials


In the U.S., the driver license is the document we use to prove our identity in order to gain access to a wide range of services, benefits and privileges, such as driving a car, boarding a plane, opening a bank account, and voting, to name a few. As it is the most often used and widely accepted credential for establishing identity, it is highly valuable and must be protected from those who would seek to use it for fraud and other criminal activities.

MorphoTrust offers a range of secure credentials giving state motor vehicle agencies (MVAs) options and features that balance security and budget requirements. We offer fully compliant solutions that keep pace with evolving state and federal regulations as well as AAMVA standards. Sophisticated card architectures and our linked and layered security methodology help MVAs stay ahead of counterfeiters with tamper-proof/tamper-evident cards that cannot be altered without destroying the credential and rendering it useless.

MorphoTrust employs some of the world’s experts in secure card design and production. Our skilled professionals are available to assist you with designing the right driver license and ID cards to meet your needs. Additionally, the MorphoTrust card design team is one of just a few companies authorized and trained to use Jura software, the same software that is used in the design of currency. In fact, MorphoTrust has more experience in the use of this special software than any other company in the U.S.

Our suite of credential options includes:

MorphoTrust Securian Credentials, our most economical line with a proven track record for quality and durability

MorphoTrust® Exian Credentials, offering great value and the most advanced, highly secure credentials available.

MorphoTrust® Enhanced Driver License giving U.S. citizens a fast, easy way to cross Canadian and Mexican borders


Features & Benefits:

  • A suite of offerings with one to meet your needs
  • Overt features to aid with visual inspection
  • IDMarc covert digital watermark for machine-validation
  • Fully compliant with AAMVA and REAL ID standards
  • Sophisticated card architectures to thwart counterfeiting and fraud
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident credentials with no adhesives used in card production (any attempts to break into a card and change it causes it to literally self-destruct – rendering the card completely useless)
  • Made with Teslin® material