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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Issuance 360 – Optimum

Issuance 360 – Optimum is our integrated, end-to-end solution for driver license and ID issuance covering all functions required for applicant enrollment and vetting, as well as the design, production and issuance of credentials.

Our Optimum suite of offerings includes:

Enrollment Workstations with easy-to-use Camera Tower and Enrollment Software, you’re able to facilitate the capture and storage of applicant photos, fingerprints (optional), biographic data, proof-of-identity documents, and signatures. The workstations support a range of hardware, including bio-logon, fingerprint capture and signature capture devices to meet your requirements.

Features and Benefits

Image Server – lets you manage the enrollment process by providing automated integration with your agency’s business and record systems. It also ensures the secure storage and archiving of all transaction data, images and scanned documents collected as part of the applicant enrollment process, meeting REAL ID standards.

Features and Benefits

Issuance Manager enables your operations staff to efficiently manage the entire driver license and ID (DL/ID) issuance process by providing real-time visibility into the status of all applicants and their DL/ID. It also automates issuance screening administration with easy to use dashboards and exception queues.

Features and Benefits

Biometric Identification – With Biometric Identification, you can deliver industry leading secure ID issuance screening, ensure applicants are who they claim to be, and identify potential fraud, before you issue the driver licenses or ID (DL/ID).

Secure Credentials – With overt and covert security features developed from over 50+ years of innovation and continual investment in material science and card construction techniques, our card offerings balance budget and security requirements with market-leading, innovative features that have withstood the test of time and continue to keep you one step ahead of fraudsters and counterfeiters.

Features and Benefits

Secure Credential Production for over-the-counter (instant issuance) or central issuance in one of several NASPO-certified production facilities throughout the U.S.

Additionally, Optimum includes the following options that enhance customer service and provide operational efficiencies

Optional Self-Service Solutions that offer your customers convenience and flexibility to initiate transactions by using our kiosks and schedule appointments online at any time and from any location. Our products Kiosks, EZ-Visit and Scheduler enable you to improve customer service while making more efficient use of all your resources.

Optional Document Authentication enables accurate verification of proof-of-identity documents, including driver licenses, IDs and passports.

Optional Automated Knowledge and Skills Testing helps you reduce fraud and increase the speed and efficiency of applicant testing to save time and money.