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 MorphoTrust® RoadTest


Enhanced driver skills testing on a tablet

MorphoTrust® RoadTest is the first automated testing system to offer tablet PC-based skills testing with full GPS tracking and handwriting recognition. It has been selected by more MVAs in the U.S. for skills testing than any other competing solution. MVAs using RoadTest have received commendation in their federal audits for the high levels of detail and reliability achieved in applying the scoring rules that RoadTest provides.

MorphoTrust® RoadTest offers state-of-the-art automated driver skills testing on a tablet computer, replacing paper-based processes for all aspects of basic operator, CDL, and motorcycle road/skills testing. Functions include pre-trip vehicle inspections, basic controls and the recording of test results during the on-the-road portion of the skills test. The solution automates and integrates testing, grading and tracking functions in a single package. Scores are automatically calculated and the system provides appropriate feedback to the examiner based on the specific results. Scores can be transmitted immediately via wireless network connection, or can be stored on the portable device for individual or batch upload. RoadTest also helps identify possible fraudulent behavior with a GPS tracking feature, which plots the exact driven route and recorded vehicle speeds of the road test and retains that information as part of the test record.

The solution integrates a variety of intelligent form elements such as checkboxes, dropdown lists, date/time selections, text areas, number areas and special signature fields. Its pen-based data capture and advanced handwriting recognition algorithm allow examiners to capture hand-written notes and signatures with highly accurate results and convert handwritten notes to text format. RoadTest not only captures and retains all data from each individual skills test, but also stores the electronic test form itself in the exact form in which it was originally completed. All handwritten notations and signatures are recorded and retained, and the entire test form is reproducible and printable in PDF format.

RoadTest is supported by a dedicated support network that is distributed across the U.S. It is part of MorphoTrust’s AutoTest Suite, which also includes the MorphoTrust® AutoTest knowledge testing system and MorphoTrust® Scheduler, a solution that allows customers to schedule MVA appointments on their own via the web or phone and gives agencies a view of demand levels ahead of time so they can optimize staffing resources accordingly.

Features & Benefits:

  • Portable testing solution
  • Faster and more accurate scoring
  • Elimination of manual data entry, reducing the workload for examiners
  • Reduces errors in scoring tests
  • Tablets are rugged and durable; low replacement rates save money
  • Fraud reduction and deterrence protect the integrity of the testing
  • Downloadable software updates make product enhancements quick and easy
  • Integration with other MVA systems using RoadTest’s .NET architecture
  • GPS tracking feature identifying routes and maps