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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

  MorphoTrust® AutoTest


Knowledge testing still presents formidable customer service and operational challenges to many motor vehicle agencies (MVAs), as well as an opportunity for fraud. Today’s customers are busy and constantly on the go. They have become accustomed to fast and efficient service in many aspects of their lives, and they want a much faster and more convenient testing process at the MVA. Typically, customers must take time off from busy schedules to visit a branch office only to face long lines and wait times before actually taking the test. Customers living in remote areas encounter even more obstacles, often traveling long distances to reach the nearest branch office, where reduced hours, long wait times and slow testing processes add to the inconvenience.

For agencies, knowledge testing can be a bottleneck that slows down the entire issuance workflow. Staff must constantly be on hand to verify the identity of test-takers, monitor them as they take the test, keep an eye out for potential cheating or fraud, and record the scores in the system. With manual processes still a standard part of the process in many MVAs, errors in scoring and recording scores are inevitable. MVAs are also under increasing pressure to accommodate customers who use American Sign Language or whose primary language is not English.

MorphoTrust offers an automated web-based knowledge testing solution that produces fully randomized domain knowledge tests, increasing the speed, efficiency and integrity of the entire MVA knowledge testing workflow. MorphoTrust AutoTest allows customers to take tests on computers or test stations, with user-friendly touchscreen interfaces and advanced, interactive multimedia content, including video simulations in their local branch office. AutoTest includes support for multiple languages as well as American Sign Language, and complies with all requirements as regulated by AAMVA and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

AutoTest is currently in use in 18 states and provinces in North America. We deliver millions of exams every year on 3,000+ test stations in more than 900 locations. In Mississippi, AutoTest became the first testing system to offer fully integrated appointment scheduling capabilities. We are also the first vendor to integrate American Sign Language into a self-testing solution, and we have successfully implemented more than 40 languages, significantly more than any other automated testing vendor. We were the first vendor to offer a web-based self-testing solution for fully randomized testing in remote locations, and we are proud to have implemented our solution at more than 450 high schools in New York, where over 100,000 secure, randomized, web-based tests have been successfully administered to learner’s permit applicants.


Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates long lines at motor vehicle agencies

  • Offers convenience for test takers

  • Prevents cheating by randomized and unique tests for each applicant

  • Fast and automated test scoring

  • System security

  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • Multi-language capabilities

  • Dedicated support team

  • Browser-based architecture 

  • Regulatory compliance