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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Camera Tower

Ensure fast service, quality pictures, happy customers and keep lines moving

The MorphoTrust Camera Tower is designed specifically for the high volume and image quality demands of driver’s license and government ID Issuers. It assures quality photos matching ISO and AAMVA guidelines regardless of the lighting environment and location. With over a billion photos taken to date with MorphoTrust cameras, you get reliability, ease-of-use and portrait quality guaranteed to ensure efficient operators and happy customers.

The camera tower design was based on decades of experience and is manufactured with  high quality materials. The flash unit provides high speed, consistent illumination with a duty cycle of 250,000 flashes. If you're looking for the lowest total cost of ownership and the longest life expectancy, MorphoTrust Camera Tower is the one for you.

MorphoTrust Camera Tower

Features & Benefits:

  • AAMVA and ICAO compliant

  • Auto focus features

  • Adjustable height 

  • Reduces applicant wait time

  • Easy maintenance & part replacement

  • Live video allowing the operator to see what the camera sees

  • Setup and training is accomplished in minutes