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Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies

MorphoTrust® Driver 360


MorphoTrust Driver 360 is centered on the customer, with optimized systems that provide views into the customer and their attributes, regardless of where their data (current or historical) resides. Customers can start transactions at home, often completing them online with no need to enter an office. Access to services is offered where, when and how your customers want it – so that you can provide fast, efficient, personalized service.

  • Speed implementation with a proven platform.
    MorphoTrust uses a service-oriented architecture with a configurable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based platform that is industry-proven by Microsoft. Using a COTS solution helps to speed delivery, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and improves ease-of-use, reliability and scalability. Our software user interface is consistent with other familiar Microsoft Office applications, so training your teams is faster and simpler. We use proven solutions, while at the same time making it easy for you to modify and configure the system as your business needs, compliance or technical requirements change.
  • Enjoy robust performance and flexibility.
    Manage high-level business processes and rules via a shared services infrastructure. This allows the connectivity and configuration of multiple resources through a single gateway to optimize every transaction, reducing complexity and increasing performance. Our business rules engine puts rules management in the hands of your agency experts and may be refined at any time. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and executive dashboarding provide critical, real-time business intelligence and help you identify areas where change may further improve the customer experience.
  • Interoperate with other agencies.
    Interfaces to major third-party systems are provided turnkey to support rapid deployment and quick turnaround for critical data verification checks, increasing the value and use of your data. Overarching governance and security pervade the entire system, with configurable authorization and authentication settings at every level of the system.


Driver 360

Features & Benefits:

  • Driver Management and Reinstatement
  • Inventory Management
  • Document Management
  • Case Management
  • Revenue/POS
  • Address Verification
  • Data Conversion

MorphoTrust has been the trusted partner for state motor vehicle agencies for over five decades, seeing our customers through every major industry transition with innovative products and solutions, including the modernization solutions that will take MVAs into the future.