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 Identity Solutions for Motor Vehicle Agencies
 Modern Solutions for Today's MVAs


MorphoTrust is the only company to deliver complete motor vehicle agency (MVA) solutions covering all major business practices and services across the agency. We are the preferred partner for 39 states, with solutions that produce the highly secure driver licenses and IDs your customers rely on each day to enjoy a wide range of benefits and privileges, like establishing credit, opening a bank account, obtaining a job or professional license, voting, boarding a plane or driving a vehicle.

 Issuance 360MorphoTrust® Issuance 360
Our integrated end-to-end solution for driver license and ID issuance covering all activities required for applicant enrollment and vetting, as well as the design, production and issuance of high quality, secure credentials. Our self-service offerings improve customer service with kiosks for quick renewals, name changes and more, and our web-based Scheduler lets your customers make appointments at anytime, from anywhere. Your front-office systems and workflows are optimized with MorphoTrust Enrollment Workstation, which enables your staff to capture applicant biometric data (facial photo and fingerprints) in optimum formats and securely store for review, card production and archiving.


 Vehicle 360MorphoTrust® Driver 360
Modernizes your driver services with a scalable, extensible IT infrastructure to meet today’s demanding business needs and customer requirements. This includes complete front- and back-office systems designed for new channels of service delivery, including kiosks, the web and mobile applications — everything you need to improve the experience of your customers by communicating more effectively and serving them more efficiently. MorphoTrust’s partnerships with Motor Vehicle Agencies are rooted in long-term commitments to quality, design, implementation excellence, continuous innovation and service.


MorphoTrust Vehicle 360 MorphoTrust® Vehicle 360
Will be announced soon with a complete solution to ensure efficient management of all vehicle-related services, including title, registration, address verification, inventory management, and more. MorphoTrust Complete MVA has been designed for flexiblity, scalability, and interoperability to streamline updates and changes and ensure a complete solution to meet your needs well into the future. Watch for more details to come soon.

Driver 360


Features & Benefits:

  • Modern solutions for today's Motor Vehicle Agencies

  • Self-service options

  • Integrated end-to-end offerings

  • Scalable and flexible IT infrastructure

  • Front and back-office solutions

  • Deployment, training and support services