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MorphoTrust® Visitor 360


Are people who they claim to be?  And are they entitled to visitor privileges?  These are two of the most common problems that jails and prisons face with their visitor processing systems.  Gang activities and organized crimes are occuring between visitors and inmates placing law enforcement, corrections staff, other inmates and the public in danger due to insufficient identification and validation processes. With the manual systems currently in place, staff members are forced to rely on error-prone, visual inspection to spot fake or altered IDs. Additionally, there is currently no effective way to verify the accuracy of information provided by visitors -- and no way to prevent fraud or misappropriate use of visitor privileges.

MorphoTrust Visitor 360 gives you the means to authenticate proof-of-identity documents presented to ensure they are not altered or fake, and to efficiently enroll and verify visitors through a simple, fast and unobtrusive facial recognition system.  This process is fast, easy and greatly enhances the safety of your facility.  You can feel confident that the visitors are who they say they are, and that the same people entering the prision to visit are the same individuals exiting. The use of facial recognition software allows you to instantly capture facial images and compare them against hundreds of thousands photos in one or more databases or watch lists, with immediate alerts of gang members, criminals, and other persons of interest.

Features & Benefits:

  • Screen and track visitors easily
  • Increase overall safety of visitors, inmates and your staff
  • Investigate instances of possible Identity fraud
  • Ensure people are who they say they are
  • Simplifiy and speed up visitor processes
  • Data storage in centrralized database
  • Report generation feature
  • Configure databases and workstations to be used by multiple facilities