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Identity Solutions For Law Enforcement

MorphoTrust® Face Examiner Workstation


Equip your Investigators to quickly identify persons of interest

With our Face Examiner Workstation, your operators have the ability to manipulate and enhance facial images to the point where they can be submitted to an automated facial recognition system (AFIS) or MorphoTrust® ABIS®, with a much higher probability of returning a positive match. This includes state-of-the-art 3D modeling and imaging tools to extract faces from grainy or unclear images and correct the effects of poor lighting, off-angle poses and blurriness. The sophisticated image enhancement techniques are similar to those found in Adobe® Photoshop, however, only minimal training is required. The workstation interface is simple and easy to use and does not require “power users” to get good results. The application helps you analyze, search and identify subjects taken from CCTV cameras and surveillance tapes as well as still images.

Federal agencies have a record number of facial images available to them, including those from mobile devices, social media and surveillance video. While the use of facial images in addition to fingerprints helps solve more crimes, image quality does pose a challenge. Fortunately, with ongoing improvements in biometric technologies, and products like MorphoTrust Face Examiner Workstation, investigators now have a powerful set of tools to help them quickly and accurately narrow the pool of potential suspects for further investigation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Solve more crimes through facial images
  • Create 3D facial models
  • Enhance video and still images
  • Supports multi-probe searches and consolidates results
  • Uses skin texture algorithms to distinguish twins and look-a-likes
  • Search results can be compared side-by-side, tile or overlay
  • Minimal training required to get great results