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MorphoTrust ABIS Multi-Modal Biometric Platform


MorphoTrust is the U.S. leader in identity solutions and services, bringing years of expertise in flexible, scalable biometric platforms and systems that meet the growing demands of our customers. MorphoTrust actively invests in biometric technology as the core foundation for many customer solutions. Our research team continually leads the industry to improve the accuracy and search speed of the face, fingerprint, and iris recognition algorithms.


The use of biometrics to prevent identity theft, catch fraud and identify unknown individuals has enhanced national security, improved public safety, and streamlined government services. The accuracy, performance, reliability and ease of use of today’s technologies continue to improve. Advanced mobile devices enable near-instant ID of individuals in any location, while sophisticated workstations provide a suite of tools to aid investigators in conducting quick and accurate identity verification.


Our Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) Search Engine is a software platform for building multi-biometric identity management solutions, with business process management, identity record keeping, verification, deduplication, and identification functionality. The platform provides configurable solutions to process, store, create, search, and compare biometric identity records using face, iris and fingerprint, including tenprint, palm and latent, biometric modes, individually and in combination — with the ability to easily add new modalities in the future.  


The processing capabilities include biometric catching as well as image processing and image quality analysis based on industry standards and MorphoTrust proprietary metrics. The ABIS Search Engine has been optimized to support IT best practices for security, distributed systems integration, efficient operation and communications. Our highly modular and open architecture provides world-class biometrics services with built-in high-availability support required by mission-critical operations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Supports face, finger, palm and iris, with the ability to add new modalities in the future
  • Feature extraction into templates
  • Open architecture, highly flexible
  • Easy integration
  • Built-in high-availability support

“After an in-depth study, Lockheed Martin has selected MorphoTrust ABIS®, which the FBI has now begun to implement. MorphoTrust’s ABIS® will provide the FBI NGI program with superior biometric matching for Face and Iris modalities.”