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MorphoTrustTM TouchPrint 5000 Series


TouchPrint 5000 live scan appliance and TouchPrint 5500 cabinet booking station are capable of capturing detailed fingerprint images at either 500 or 1000 ppi. With advanced imaging power and anti-smearing/anti-smudging technologies, our fingerprinting solutions exceed FBI standard requirements. Our patented optics ignore moisture, dirt and latent prints left behind on the platen, making it easier to consistently capture high quality images, regardless of the challenges faced, such as dry or sweaty fingers or an unclean platen. TouchPrint 5000 and TouchPrint 5500 are provided with the image clarity needed to prevent artifacts and capture important friction ridge detail. Both models offer high dynamic range sensor results in maximum contrast and gray scales, bringing out the minutiae and pore detail in the fingerprint image with virtually no distortion, which makes the image ideal for latent print comparison.

TouchPrint 5900 is our FBI-certified full-hand and four-finger slap/ roll scanning for complete booking applications. This device scans images at 500 ppi or greater than 1000 ppi – exceeding FBI requirements – using our anti-smear/anti-smudging technologies. With latents found at crime scenes coming from parts of the hand other than fingerprints, the ability to capture all the fine details and minutiae of a subject’s entire hand can make all the difference in solving a crime. TouchPrint 5900 provides the image quality that delivers superior resolution – so critical for maximum AFIS performance and positive identification.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior fingerprint capture and image quality
  • Captures fingerprint images at 500 or 1000 ppi
  • Available in three models: a small desktop unit, a laptop model (5000) and a full cabinet booking station (5500)