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Identity Solutions For Law Enforcement
Improve public safety and protect officers in the field


MorphoTrust Complete Identity solutions enable faster, more accurate identification of suspects and criminals to improve public safety and protect officers in the field. We help increase the number of apprehensions, reduce repeat crimes, and minimize unnecessary arrests due to misidentification. Our solutions verify and manage the identity of suspects throughout the chain of custody, including booking, court appearances, transport, visitation and eventual release.

MorphoTrust® Officer 360 helps to establish, verify and manage the identity of suspects, detainees and criminals from the moment they are issued a warrant and/or apprehended on the streets through booking, case management and release. MorphoTrust® ABIS, Automated Biometric Identification System for face, iris and fingerprint images, is a platform for building multi-biometric solutions for identity management, with business process management, identity record keeping, verification, deduplication, and identification functionality. The platform provides configurable solutions to process, store, create, search and compare biometric identity records, with the ability to easily add new modalities in the future.

MorphoTrust® Visitor 360 automates visitor management for jails and correctional facilities to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance safety for visitors, officers and inmates. The solution authenticates and verifies visitor identity documents when they arrive, checks demographic information and facial images against biometric databases and watchlists, and records all information related to the visit according to each agency’s unique business rules.

MorphoTrust® Enrollment Services provide law enforcement agencies with everything needed for vetting of applicants and personnel, including live scan fingerprinting, background checks, employee badging, and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Faster, more accurate identification of suspects

  • Improved visitor management in prisons

  • Expedite warrant issuance process

  • Ensure safety on the streets for officers and the public

  • Enhanced border and national security

  • Allows officers more time to patrol the streets