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Secure Credentials


MorphoTrust's range of secure credentials offer fully compliant solutions that keep pace with evolving state and federal requirements as well as AAMVA standards. We are the prime contractor for the U.S. passport card as well as supplier of the personalized pages in the U.S. passport.  We proudly support 39 state driver license and ID issuance programs, including the Enhanced Driver License with RFID to expedite border crossing to Canada or Mexico.  The company has deep expertise in many types of credentialing programs, including national IDs, voter IDs, police IDs, state benefits cards, driver licenses and other government-issued credentials.

Sophisticated card architectures, numerous overt and covert security features, and a linked and layered security methodology helps state and federal agencies stay ahead of counterfeiters with tamper-proof and tamper-evident cards that cannot be altered without destroying the credential and rendering it useless. MorphoTrust also has products for verifying the authenticity of credentials in the field after they have been issued.  Mere visual inspection is highly inadequate.  We help you take the guesswork out of document authentication with a range of products and applications that give you confidence the credential has not been altered or is a counterfeit.

MorphoTrust employs some of the world’s top experts in secure card design and production and makes these seasoned professionals available to you to assist with creating the right credential to meet your needs.  Additionally, our card design team is one of just a few authorized and trained to use Jura software, the same software that is used in the design of currency.  In fact, MorphoTrust has more experience in the use of this specialized software than any other company in the U.S.

Features & Benefits:

  • REAL ID and AAMVA compliant DL/IDs
  • Sophisticated card architectures for durability and to combat fraud and counterfeiting
  • Linked and layerd security features enabling self-authentication
  • Tamper-proof, tamper-resistant credentials