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Identity Solutions for Federal Agencies

MorphoTrust® ABIS® Multi-Modal Biometric Platform

MorphoTrust is the U.S. leader of identity solutions and services, bringing years of expertise in flexible, scalable biometric platforms and systems that meet the growing demands of our customers. As a leading innovator, MorphoTrust actively invests in biometric technologies as the core foundation for solutions that have become the standard for many federal agencies. Our research team leads the industry to improve the accuracy and search speed of face, fingerprint, and iris recognition algorithms as recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The use of biometrics to prevent identity theft, catch fraud and identify individuals of interest enhances national security, improves public safety, and streamlines government services. The accuracy, performance, and ease of use of biometrics today continue to improve, opening up numerous opportunities for the future. Advanced mobile devices enable near-instant identification of individuals in a variety of environments, while sophisticated workstations provide a suite of tools to aid investigators as they work to narrow the search and accurately identify individual suspects.

MorphoTrust ABIS delivers a software platform that supports a range of tasks and functions, including identity management solutions, business process management, identity record keeping, verification, deduplication, and more. ABIS is highly scalable and configurable and is used to process, store, create, search, and compare biometric identity records using face, iris and fingerprint images – with the ability to easily add new modalities in the future.


Features & Benefits:

  • Supports face, finger, palm and iris, with the ability to add new modalities in the future
  • Feature extraction into templates
  • Open architecture, highly flexible
  • Easy integration
  • Built-in high-availability support

“After an in-depth study, Lockheed Martin has selected MorphoTrust ABIS®, which the FBI has now begun to implement. MorphoTrust’s ABIS ® will provide the FBI NGI program with superior biometric matching for Face and Iris modalities.”