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Identity Solutions For Federal Agencies

MorphoTrust® Investigator 360

Equip your Investigators to quickly identify persons of interest

Whether you are working with face, finger, palm or iris images, your investigators need the tools to filter, enhance, compare and locate potential matches as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today, federal law enforcement agencies have a record number of fingerprints and facial images available to them, including those from mobile devices, social media and surveillance video. While the use of facial images in addition to fingerprints helps solve more crimes, image quality does pose a challenge. Fortunately, with ongoing improvements in biometric technologies, and products like our Biometric Identification systems, investigators now have the powerful tools they need to help them quickly and accurately narrow the pool of potential suspects for further investigation.

To initiate the investigation process, MorphoTrust offers MorphoTrust®  ABIS, our automated biometric identification system that supports face, finger, palm and iris with the ability to add new biometric modalities as needed in the future. ABIS does the initial searches and returns a set of potential matches for further investigation. This platform is used by some of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, and has become the standard for federal agencies like the Department of Defense.

In addition to the Tenprint and Latent Examiner Workstations commonly used, MorphoTrust®  Face Examiner Workstation offers a forensic face platform that can be used to follow up on investigative leads when other methods fall short. Historically, the successful use of facial photos to accurately identify suspects and persons of interest has been dependent on the availability of high quality images. This works well for controlled environments, but what happens when the conditions are not ideal?


Features & Benefits

  • Quickly and accurately identify suspects, detainees and criminals from the moment they are apprehended
  • Flexible, integrated products that can be used as a stand alone or within other systems
  • Multi-modal biometric technologies (face, iris and fingerprint) with ability to easily add new modes in the future
  • Identify and track subjects from intake to release, in the field or in the office