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Identity Solutions for Federal Agencies

MorphoTrust offers a full portfolio of identity solutions and services built upon decades of innovation in enrollment, advanced biometric technologies, document authentication, and secure credentialing. Our solutions are used in the production of U.S Passports, driver licenses and Passport Cards, with more than 70 million high quality credentials delivered annually. Many federal agencies, including the Department of State and the Department of Defense, use MorphoTrust® ABIS as their standard multi-modal biometric platform, with image databases now over 200 million facial photos. Our solutions include:  

MorphoTrust® Officer 360

  • MorphoTrust® ABIS supports the processing, storing, creating, searching and comparison of biometric identity records (face, iris and fingerprints). MorphoTrust® Identix® (Patent Pending) brings these capabilities to the cloud.
  • MorphoTrust® Arrest and Custody 360 captures multiple biometrics (face, fingerprints and iris) as well as biographic data on individuals being processed.
  • MorphoTrust® Investigator 360 provides forensic tools for investigating and identifying individuals from face and iris images as well as latent finger and palm prints. offering a robust set of the tools to efficiently manage, store and retrieve demographic information and biometric images.

MorphoTrust® Aviation 360 incorporates advanced credentialing and biometric technologies to automate and enhance the process of enrolling and vetting applicants and employees. MorphoTrust® e-CAT speeds and streamlines the security screening process of airline passengers while improving security through the use of advanced document authentication and facial recognition. We also offer end-to-end channeling and badging solutions that integrate biometric enrollment services, TSA-approved channeling, document authentication, data verification and secure credentialing – all available through a single source.

MorphoTrust® Secure Credentials 360 offer fully compliant, high quality credentials that keep pace with evolving state and federal regulations as well as international standards. Sophisticated card architectures with inked and layered security features help deter counterfeiting and fraud. MorphoTrust provides driver licenses and IDs to 39 of 50 states as well as passport cards and other personnel IDs to government agencies and commercial entities.

MorphoTrust® Military Solutions offer accurate and expedient identification of individuals for the defense and intelligence communities to distinguish friend from foe at home and overseas. Biometric systems must be robust and fully adaptable for use in the field, whether you are providing base and checkpoint security, targeting and tracking persons of interest, managing detainees or conducting a population census. Recruiting standards also mandate a secure, comprehensive, interoperable system to manage the vetting and credentialing of federal military personnel.

MorphoTrust® Enrollment Services provide federal agencies with convenient services to vet applicants and personnel, including live scan fingerprinting, background checks, employee badging, and more. All MorphoTrust employees are U.S. citizens and have been fully screened and background checked. The company is the trusted partner for many state agencies as well as the prime provider of fingerprinting services for the TSA's Universal Enrollment Service (UES).

Federal Agencies

Features & Benefits:

  • Protect and secure the lives of the American public

  • Identity intelligence through advanced biometric technologies

  • Combat fraud and terrorism

  • Efficient vetting and credentialing of agency personnel

  • Secure credentials that meet the highest international standards