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At MorphoTrust, security is paramount in every area of our business. The company invests millions each year to ensure the security of our company, our country, and our customers – all of the people we serve through our market-leading identity solutions. We understand the trust placed on us to protect all personally identifiable information and have implemented policies and processes that follow the highest standards and best practices for security.

At MorphoTrust we are governed by Proxy and National Security Agreements that hold us to the highest standards for security. We adhere to all privacy laws as well as the requirements of each state and federal customer we serve. Every time a new security best practice or process is implemented for one customer, it is rolled out universally across our company and all other customer programs – going beyond what we are contractually obligated to do.

We have an exceptional track record for developing and implementing security plans related to: hiring personnel, physical locations, managing IT systems and data, manufacturing secure credentials, management of our supply chain, maintaining the security of customer deliverables, managing risk, and proactive disaster recovery planning.

Security Achievements

MorphoTrust has achieved high internal security controls ratings by various government and industry security organizations including:

  • Class I and Class II NASPO Security Assurance certification at our printing factories for secure material procurement and security practices. This is the highest security class available and the only ID company that currently has this status.
  • International Standards Organization ISO 14298 Security Printing Management Systems Certification
  • National Industrial Security Program Compliance
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance


What we offer:

  • Over 50 years experience and expertise in identity solutions and programs

  • Experts in secure card design and production

  • Tamper-proof and tamper-evident credentials with linked and layered security features

  • Highest of standards and best practices for all aspects of security

  • Security features that exceed AAMVA and REAL ID requirements