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MorphoTrust Competencies


Security: At MorphoTrust, security is paramount in every aspect of our business, and we invest millions each year to ensure the security of our company, our country, our customers, and the people we serve through our end-to-end identity solutions.  We understand the trust placed on us to secure and protect all personally identifiable information, and adhere to the highest standards and best practices for security.

MorphoTrust is fully compliant with the Proxy and National Security Agreements we are governed by, as well as support all privacy laws and requirements of each of our state and federal customers. In fact, each time a new security practice or process is implemented, and new level is achieved, we roll it out universally across our company and customer programs – going beyond what we are contractually obligated to do. The identity cards we produce are all produced in the United States and made with tamper-proof and tamper-evident credentials with linked and layered security features.

We have an exceptional track record for developing and implementing security plans related to the hiring of personnel, physical locations, managing IT systems and data, the security of credentials, our supply chain, maintaining the security of customer deliverables, managing risk, and planning for disasters, ineffeciencies and happy customers.

Identity Expertise: For decades, MorphoTrust has been solving identity-related problems and delivering some of the largest, most complex identity programs in the world. We are the identity expert with complete solutions that comprise all aspects of identity and establishing trust that individuals are who they claim to be. The use of biometrics confirm "who we are." Secure credentials are something "we have," and data verification capabilities validate "what we know." Wherever identity matters, MorphoTrust brings the experience and deep knowledge to develop and deliver the right solution.

Program Management: With over 50 years of experience in the industry, our Identity Solutions are utilized by 39 U.S. states and many federal agencies. MorphoTrust brings a deep expertise in the planning, delivery and ongoing support of very large identity programs. Our program management office employs a highly qualified team with decades of experience with numerous state and federal agencies. Most are PMI-certified and recognized as being among the best in their profession. We work with you through each stage of deployment, developing detailed roll-out plans to minimize disruption to your offices. Communication is at the center of our success, with ongoing status updates and touchpoints to keep you informed. Once the program is completed, we ensure a smooth transition to our service and support team for the duration of the contract.

Service: MorphoTrust has made a significant investment in ensuring outstanding service and efficient operations throughout each business process. We do this through trained/back-up enrollment agents who receive in-depth, cross-functional training in our secure credentialing and biometric solutions, as well as the enrollment services we offer. By having call centers staffed with trained agents, and in multiple locations, disaster recovery measures are in place - all accessing and sharing information from one central, universal enrollment database. In addition, we routinely, and consistently, access our customer service operations with site assessments and strict quality control measures. And as a way to reduce any potential downtime, we have automated processes that enable us to be proactive in managing any foreseeale situation that may impact operation efficiencies and happy customers.

Our core competencies:

  • Over 50 years experience and expertise in identity solutions and programs

  • Experts in secure card design and production

  • Tamper-proof and tamper-evident credentials with linked and layered security features

  • First in the U.S. authorized to use Jura JSP software - the same software used in the design of currency

  • Highest of standards and best practices for all aspects of security with security features that exceed AAMVA and REAL ID requirements

  • Multi-modal biometric expertise with face and iris technologies recognized in NIST reports for superior performance and accuracy

  • State-of-the-art customer service in tier 3, field support and call centers