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MorphoTrust's Pioneering History of Technology Innovation and Leadership

MorphoTrust's over fifty year history of technology invention and innovation dates back to the time the first photo was placed on a driver license. Today's MorphoTrust came to be through years of mergers and acquisitions – and in fact it was formed from more than 70 former companies, all highly entrepreneurial, with pioneering and leading mathematicians, physicists, scientists and engineers. MorphoTrust and its legacy companies created an impressive portfolio of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property (IP) assets.

MorphoTrust is a pioneer in the technology fields of secure credentialing and biometric technologies. Some of MorphoTrust's legacy companies (or portions thereof) that pioneered and advanced the state of the art in these fields of technology include the following:

  • Aprillis
  • Bioscrypt
  • CFA Technologies
  • Delean Vision
  • Digimarc Corporation
  • Digimarc ID Systems
  • Digital Biometrics
  • Identicator
  • Identix
  • Imaging Automation
  • Integrated Biometric Technology
  • Iridian Technologies
  • IriScan
  • L-1 Identity Solutions
  • L-1 Identity Solutions Operating Company
  • L-1 Secure Credentialing
  • Polaroid
  • Retica Systems
  • Retinal Technologies
  • SecuriMetrics
  • Sensar
  • Viisage Techologies
  • Visionics Technology

Today, MorphoTrust's patent portfolio includes approximately 150 patent families and 350 pending and issued U.S. patents and international patents. MorphoTrust continues to lead the market with new identity-related solutions and services – both in the physical world and online – enabling trusted transactions whenever identity matters.

History of Leadership in Biometrics

Prior to becoming MorphoTrust, L-1 Identity Solutions' strategy was to acquire leading biometric companies in the U.S., as well as their technologies and intellectual property. Our portfolio includes:

  • Iris recognition technology initially developed by IriScan and Iridian, including the work of Dr. John Daugman, now a professor at Cambridge University, with patents issued as early as 1987.
  • Facial recognition technology developed by Visionics, with patents issued in 2000.
  • Fingerprint, hand and palm technologies developed by Identicator, Identix and Digital Biometrics, with IP dating back to 1988.

The company continues to invest heavily in R&D, building upon its impressive early work. Ongoing patent filings and a strong IP portfolio with new invention and innovation keeps MorphoTrust in the market-leading position it has held for many years. Moreover, MorphoTrust's parent Morpho SAS and affiliate MorphoTrak, have more than forty years of experience in developing fingerprint and other biometric solutions.

History of Leadership in Secure Credentials

For over 50 years, MorphoTrust has led the secure credentialing industry with inventions that span secure card materials, features, manufacturing and personalization processes. Today, the company delivers driver license issuance systems to 42 of 50 states as well as passport cards and other credentialing systems. The company's card design team was the first in the U.S. to use Jura software, the same software used to design currency, and our card scientists have amassed many patents issued at early as 1995 with an impressive history of innovation in:

  • Card structures and different card types, including the use of various laminates
  • Card security features, which include:
    • – UV variable data – text and image
    • – Laser perforation
    • – Laser etched photos
    • – Color laser-engraved photos
    • – Polycarbonate receiving layer that allows color photo
    • – 3D tactile text on the card surface
    • – Optically variable devices
    • – Optically varying text or photos
  • Card inventory management systems, including the management of serial numbers
  • Smart cards
  • Personalization technology, including the use of printers and laser-engraving on different card structures
  • Card fraud detection, including tamper-evident features
  • Document authentication functions that provide the ability to identify and authenticate security features using different light sources
  • Encoding data on cards in different ways which are not commercially available, including 3-D data storage and IDMarc® digital watermarking

MorphoTrust is a Morpho company, part of the Safran Group.

Court Dismisses Patent Infringement Claims by Blue Spike with Prejudice Affirming MorphoTrust’s Pioneering Leadership in the Field of Biometric (fingerprint, face and iris) and Secure Credentialing Technologies. Read the full story.